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The Kind Goat's Reward

A goat was grazing on a grassy plain. As she slowly walked about, she saw a lion in a cage nearby. She started to run away, but the lion motioned for her to come nearer. She saw that the lion was starving and exhausted. The cage was locked. "Please help me and unlock this cage," begged the lion. "I have been left here and do not know if anyone will return. I have no food or water." The trembling goat answered, "I am afraid that I shall be your first meal." But the lion kept pleading and promised to leave the goat alone. The goat was kind of heart, and could not bear to leave the lion to die a slow and terrible death. She unlocked the cage and opened the door. The lion stepped out and thanked the goat. As the goat turned and left, the lion took a few steps and realized that he was weaker than he had thought. Thinkng that he might not be able to catch anything else, he ignored his promise and pounced upon the goat. "This is my reward for my kindness to you? Was I wrong to help you?" asked the goat. Just then a man came walking by and asked what the goat had meant. The lion stepped away from the goat and the goat explained her version of what had happened. The lion then said that he was only doing what he could to stay alive, since he was not sure he would have been able to find any other food. "I do not understand all of this," said the man. "Is this the cage?" The animals said that it was so. "How were you sitting in this cage?" he asked the lion. "Like this," ...
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