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The Skull

A certain land had a king who was famous for his wealth. In his treasury he had more gold coins than anyone could count, and this was in addition to many other riches. The kingdom had been at piece for many years. The king decided to outfit a ship and visit some other lands. Only a few days out to sea, a fierce storm caught the ship and tossed it about. Everyone, including the king, wanted to turn back for the safety of home. The howling winds, towering waves, and heavy rain threatened to sink the ship. The king stood on the deck and prayed aloud that if God would return them home safely, he would weigh the first thing he saw and give that much gold to help the poor. Instantly the storm stopped. Although the days and winds were perfect on the journey home, the king did not forget his promise. He was the first to come ashore. After thanking God, he walked the beach, looking for something to weigh other than sand. There were no rocks, logs, or even a tree in sight. Then his foot hit something hard in the sand. Digging it up, he found a round, hollow object that looked like a deep bowl. It was not very heavy but it was truly the first thing he saw. He carried the object to his palace and ommediately called for a set of scales and a bag of gold coins. The bag of coins was much heavier than the bowl. He put the object on one scale and the bag of gold on the other, intending to remove coins from the bag until the weights were equal. To the king's surprise, the entire bag did not weigh enough. He took the object ...
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