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The Origin of Siuslawn

This happened in the beginning. Long ago, after the world had just been made,
the people of the world assembled together, a very large number of the people.
And then some people began to ask, "For what reason have we been assembled

And then someone would answer, "Well, I do not know why. It was announced
that the people were going to be assembled from everywhere."

And so they kept on gathering together in large bodies. And, again, one
person would suddenly speak up, "I wonder why we, who live so far apart, have
been gathered here in such large numbers?"

And yet they all kept on arriving in large numbers. All the people had
canoes, and they did all sorts of things. They did much talking, and it was
repeatedly said, "After we have gathered together, the people are going to be
sent into all directions." This they said repeatedly.

Many were the people who kept on assembling. Then, finally, one night a
general discussion was started and the Creator spoke to them in the following
manner: "You shall now hear me explain why I have been assembling the people
here. It will not be long before I will send the people across the rivers. It
will not be long before there will be too many people right here. Therefore, I
shall send you away from here; I shall send you into different directions."

All of those many people listened carefully.

"You are not to go right away. You shall go only when I desire it, then shall
you cross over to the other side."

The people were thinking inside their minds, "To what manner of country, we
wonder, are we going to now?" These were the thoughts of the people.

"Of me ...
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