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The Universal Change I

One day while at a certain place Coyote said, "I want to have fun."

So then he sent messengers to gather the people together, telling each
messenger, "I want you to go to all the tribes and tell them: 'I want all the
people to come together."'

So each man left for a certain tribe. "You should carefully watch everything.
You must correctly announce my message: 'I want that people should assemble from
everywhere,"' said Coyote.

Then another messenger prepared to leave to another place, while another was
about to start for a different place. "You must constantly watch everything
carefully. You must correctly tell them what I want. I want the people to come
together from everywhere. You must tell them exactly why I want the people to
come together."

And then another messenger was ready to go in a differont direction. "You
must go. I want the people to assemble from everywhere."

And finally another prepared himself to go to a different people.

Then they separated; they went separately into all directions. Soon each
messenger came to a village and the noise of the people resounded everywhere,
because all sorts of things were being done in the village. The first messenger
arrived at his destination. Everything was being done in that village; people
were playing shinny, some were shooting arrows at a target, some were playing
the guessing game, many were dancing. Then the first messenger announced, "I
come here as a messenger. Mo'luptsim'sla is inviting all the people to assemble
from all the regions of the world. For that reason I have come here."

Then the second messenger arrived at his destination; again the noise of the
people resounded everywhere. Many, indeed, were the people. They were shooting
at a ...
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